Sunday, June 21, 2009

Reporting In!

So, yesterday was kind of the rushy-kind-of-day 'cause I totally forgot it's the 4th week and what does that mean? The 2nd bi-weekly report! I woke up around 2pm and started freaking out. These 2 weeks was seriously the most boring weeks ever! All I do was, drive to work, sit, wait for lunch, sit, wait for the time to go back, drive home and sit again. Yeah, that was I do... almost everyday for the past 2 weeks.

And guess how long my bi-weekly report was? 3 pages, dude! Yeah... 2 weeks of nothing-ness and 3 pages of crap! Even the first bi-weekly report has only 2 pages and that week was the most hectic week EVER! *I just type some similar, I'm repeating =.="*.

I even asked Ms Clare if that's the correct way to write the report, because I wrote it as if I'm writing my blog. Expressing feelings and stuff like that. Let me print screen one part and let you guys have a look.

Putting my free time to good use huh? LOL! Limit my creativity and knowledge! LOL!
Yeah! Tell me about it!
*I don't mean literally, seriously. One of my friend took it literally and TOLD-ME-ABOUT-IT! No offence, but there's another meaning!*

But hey, I'm really putting my free time to good use. As least I'm not wasting my time or anything, right? Yeah, my previous post is just something I did for just a few hours and it doesn't make any sense... So, yesterday I spent some time creating an intro for my blog. I know my blog is OLD! but it's just a thought. I don't know what to do anymore and I really want to try out a lot of stuff in After Effects. The 25-second animation *which was later prolonged to 45-second by slowing down the speed to give a better enviromental feel* took me almost a day to finish. Because I was a noob. :( I don't know anything about editing, anything about files, anything about AE and got stuck there for some unknown reason! *cries*

I just finished everything from the VFX to the SFX and oh yeah, my Windows Movie Maker died on me, now I can't compress my god damn 200MB-25-seconds-file. I'm using some other alternative in Premiere Pro! I don't think it can be fixed unless I reformat my computer? Oh god! I'm lazy to reformat my computer and I was kinda pissed of with After Effects today because everytime I want to render my animation, it stopped responding. *Pissed off* Probably I'll just dual-boot to XP and work there. Maybe, soon...

So, I'll just end my blog with my intro to the blog.
*Woah, who ends with an intro? Doesn't intro always come first?*
Hahaha, and the person is me! Hey, do comment, ya?
Your constructive comments are much appreciated.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Free Time - After Effect

Just something I'd learned during my freetime in the office. Came back from work, adapt all the knowledge I had gained and TADA!! LOL... Lame post.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Relay for Life '09 and Internship

So, I was in Relay for Life '09 event last night because I was one of the crews there. Which was supposedly the graphic designer but ended up being some worker around there.

Okay, I wasn't very fond with the management, which is the event company I'm working with. All I can say is, there's only one full-time staff. Other details, you can actually figure out and also why there's only one full-time staff. There are 5 interns including me. 3 not getting paid. 2 getting paid because they are foreign students. :) So...abusing interns. I don't know how much they get paid but this is what pisses me off, they get to come in whenever they wants, go out whenever they like, not appearing in the office whenever they wish to! Not only that, they are like super damn free. They come in, play facebook, play MSN, Y!Msger and then go back. Not that I don't do that, but not the whole day man.

So, then I had sleepless night this week because of the stupid fucking idiot client from NCSM that wants to change this and change that and yada yada yada. Ok fine. That's GDer, I know.

THEN... it comes to this, Relay for Life event, be there at 8am till 10am. Not 2 hours ya... 26 FUCKING HOURS! So I had a big huge fight with my mum 'bout this and she said she want to sue the company and bla bla bla... That leads to a personal problem it seems. I need to talk to my supervisor.

Then, I thought of maybe like going at 1pm on Saturday because I really need my rest. It's been like sleepless night doing what that client wants. But guess what happened on SATURDAY MORNING at 7AM, had a call to go there now? Nah... I wasn't being called to be there on time but INSTEAD, I was called to DESIGN another signage. OH MY FUCKING GOD! Yesterday was so hectic! *I'll leave what happen on Friday to myself because it's just too much to talk about it...* The printer was like already shouting that we must not do something like this. This is too last minute. The event is in like 6 hours and you need to PRINT another signage?! There you go, I get lectures for something I didn't do, not once, not twice but more than that. So much for the "1pm-on-Saturday" thingy. My time to rest... :(

I called Sin Nee to go with me cause I know I'll be like damn bored, because you know why? I shouldn't be there in the first place, maybe yes, to confirm all the designs, the banners, the buntings are in the correct place. There. Job finished. Can I go now? NO! Stay there and DAYDREAM! Sin Nee was there until around 5pm then I fetched her back because I feel sorry for her because she was like so lost, supposedly to come with Yit Mey so at least one doesn't feel left off if I'm like busy, and she had to pay RM10 just for the event. No bloody idiots told me about that. Not even the company. So much for an event company that is managing this event right? And from then onwards, I realized the true meaning of good friends. *refer to my previous post*

*skips a lot of unnecessary details about me being bored the whole day*

At around 4am, all of us was worned out. Then the damn bloody 'kedekut' boss asked us to go back for a shower and come back in 2 hours time. HELLO? You think I stay at where? 2 minutes drive from here? 20 fucking minutes okay, and only if I speed! Then he went already, left me and the full-time staff, Sheena. So we bitched... And I suddenly recall, where's one of the intern,Shima, that gets paid? I asked Sheena, she told me she didn't come for the event.


An intern that gets paid, doesn't need to do anything in the office and coming in and out whenever she likes -VERSUS- An intern that doesn't get paid instead pay to get work, do everything about on the designs of the whole event and coming in and out right on time.

I get PWNED nicely!

Come on, this is so not fair right? What the hell is this? I straight away went home after finding out the TRUTH!

These are the photos I took yesterday on my designs.

The stage with the big backdrop. There's a second backdrop and surprisingly it was not USED! How convenient as that backdrop is one of the last few items to be CONFIRMED.

The 'Welcome Banner' in front of the stadium.

The Saturday-7A.M. design. I recieved a SMS from the middle-man which is the forwarded message from the client.

"Can Whiz do this quickly? > LUPA BUAT GARDEN SIGN! can help? not so serious.. colourful.."

If I were the person who recieve this, I will definately decline. Because the printer already said no last minute work and he cannot make it on time if we were to print anything extra. You 'LUPA BUAT GARDEN SIGN!', so what? TGK MUKA I, ADA I KESAH?

The Notice Board. I was not happy with the final output. This is what happen when you want to SAVE COST.

You can see there are so many bulges. Overlapping stickers. My god, I feel so unappreciated for my own design. "YOU" want to save cost also don't need to save until this extend. Can also print it on material like the Photowall which is flawless.

From the left : Suresh, Elisa and Benny.

This is the Photowall, one of the worst things to do among all designs. You need to make sure that you measure all the logos in the same size and supposedly, all logo must have the exact same number, but the middle-man between me and the fucking client said just leave it. If need to have the exact numbers, then we need Mathematician. My Mathematics sucks OK!

Look at the Photowall, half of it is abit grey-ish right? And guess what, I was the one to be blame because my AI file may have abit grey on it. Fucker, the file is in one AI file, one Artboard, and WHITE BACKGROUND! How the fuck would it be my problem? Use common sense la, Boss, it's so obvious the base of the Photowall is grey or even black.

I was so bored, and I actually call another person to come and teman me, but that person didn't come, so that also leads to what I finally realized is just a friend instead of a good friend. *refer to my previous post*

The only thing I was happy about the WHOLE event is meeting my favourite singer JACLYN VICTOR. And out of 26 hours, which is actually 22 hours. I was happy for 10 minutes. Worth it? Nah... I don't think so. I can meet her anytime I want for goodness sake.

This ends my blabbers about the event and the company.
I e-mailed Ms Clare for an appointment tomorrow as I need to talk to her about all these problems as I'm facing financial problems, personal problems such as my mum is not happy with all these and not forgetting about FAIRNESS!

The true definition of...

a best friend and a friend.

From Gan Jay Han's dictionary of life...

Friend - Someone who might misuse you as their slave when they need you but when you need them, they are no where to be found. Even if you found them, reasons will be given to be excused for not helping you. Some which are not even reasonable to be excused. They are also the one that doesn't appreciate you when you help them. That's just friend.

As a summary,
When they need you,
You're there for them,
But when you need them,
They are nowhere to be found.

Best friend - Someone who cares for you, who suffer with you, who is happy when you are happy, who is sad when you are sad, who will cheer you up whenever you're down, who help you through various obstacles that you can not go through. Someone who also remembers the deed you did for them and waiting for their chance to pay back. That's a best friend.

As a summary,
When they need you,
They'll appreciate you the most,
And whenever you need them,
they are always there for you.

I've just change my perspective of viewing a person.
A few people had been dropped off from my list of these two categories.
I'm very sorry, but this is what you get for treating me this way.
And I'll just treat you guys back the same.
It's KARMA, what goes around, comes around. Thanks

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Selamat Tinggal

This song's lyric totally express what I want/need/about/hope to say...

Kata akhir selamat tinggal
Keputusanku bukan kejutan
Inilah yang terbaik buat diriku dan dirimu
Kini kau bebas pergi

Usah ditanya mengapa
Kau tahu jawapannya
Usahlah lagi kau berpura pura
Muakku dengan sikapmu
Yang tidak pernah jujur
Permainkan hati dan perasaan
Ku lepaskan kau pergi

Jangan cuba kau merayu
Tiada lagi peluang sudah terlewat

Usah ditanya mengapa
Kau tahu jawapannya
Usahlah lagi kau berpura pura
Muakku dengan sikapmu
Yang tidak pernah jujur
Permainkan hati dan perasaan

Biarku tanggung semuanya
Dari hidup merana
Ku doakan kau bahagia dengannya
Ku lepaskan kau pergi
Ku lepaskan kau pergi
Selamat tinggal


I found this person's blog with the same lyrics on it...
I would like to quote each and every word that was written there.

"it is soooooooo hard to let go of a friend whom you have decided to sayang with all your heart.. eventhough aku penah kata yg aku sayang semua sahabat aku walau apa jua perangai diorang, tapi aku tak leh tahan yg ni... it hurts so much.. i have to let all this go... for my sake.. tak apa kalau dia tak pernah appreciate persahabatan kitorang.. aku tak tau dia ni faham ke tak maksud sahabat.. mungkin aku hanya seorang kawan biasa untuk dia.. so, mana laa dia nak kisah perasaan aku kan.."

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Digital Imaging - Assignment

Fashion Shot

Fashion Shot (Depth Of Field)

Fashion Shot (Low Shot)

Product Shot

Product Shot (Black & White)

Glamour Shot

Glamour Shot

Food & Beverages Shot

Food & Beverages Shot

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trying Out...

I just tried out some portrait shot with my "spotlight". It doesn't seem to work, I wonder why... Not enough lighting? Probably it's just because there's only one light source.

These photos had been photoshop-ed to enhance the emo feel.

Emo Shot (Landscape)
She's saying : Two Boyfriends are better than One...

Emo Shot (Portrait)
Thinkin'... 'bout life...

Emo Shot (MCU)
"Why do I live life this way?"

The next photo is not photoshop-ed, some things are just best to leave it that way.

Emo Shot (Original)
"What should I do?"

All those photos above has this kind of lighting, but those 3 that I photoshop-ed, the lighting is not really as nice as this one...

Arghhhh... How am I going to shoot the Fashion shot and Personality shot?

Back and Better!

Yuuu huuu... I'm back....

Guess this time, I'll post more photos instead of babbling about my atrocious life where I go emo and stuff like that. I'll keep them to myself like how some of you keep it to yourself. Some things are just better to keep them.

Went IKEA last few days and bought a table lamp with a spotlight-light-bulb (I don't know what you called it...), but it's incandescent light bulb, I want those fluorescent light bulbs, white lights... and guess what, fluorescent light bulbs cost 20X more than the incandescent ones. Gosh... RM100, say bye-bye...

Anyways, I’m quite happy with it, I sort of "picked" up a mini studio. It’s so cool, I never liked Digital Photography, ‘cause it’s outdoor and I hate outdoor.

I fell in love with Studio Photography... It’s just so cool...

These are a few photos from my “Mini Studio”, they are also part of my second Digital Imaging assignment.

Bubble Gums
Bubble Gums - Bubbly Bubble Gums

Sweets and Candies
Sweets and Candies - Sweety Sweets Candies.

Bowl with Fruit-like Candies
Bowl with Fruit-like candies - A bowl partially full with candies.

Cmei's Lucky Candy Cane
Cmei's Lucky Candy - Candies with an additional touch of Cmei's Lucky Candy Cane. Just found out that, the candy cane has broke into 3 pieces. I didn't know until I saw the picture... What does this mean? Luck gone? :(

L'oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Detox Cleansing Foam
L'oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Detox Cleansing Foam - Focused on the product title, Hydra Energetic. My product for the product shot assignment. Full set of L'oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Facial Care... soon...

Uncle Flower
Uncle Flower - A character from a japanese cartoon series. 花老爷。。。
This is with the incandescent lighting... Yellowish...

Special thanks to Cmei, "educating" me on how to use Flickr.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Departing again...

三个礼拜, 不是很久也不是很短的时间。。。

We depart again,
3 weeks, not a long nor a short period,
I'll miss all of you, my best friends...
You know who you are...

3 weeks, what the hell can I do? Well... nothing much...
sleep, play, dream, sleep, play, dream... and it goes on and on and on...
Oh, did I forget to mention EAT? :P...

I'm off to play my Left 4 Dead...
Bwai, Luv ya all...