Sunday, June 21, 2009

Reporting In!

So, yesterday was kind of the rushy-kind-of-day 'cause I totally forgot it's the 4th week and what does that mean? The 2nd bi-weekly report! I woke up around 2pm and started freaking out. These 2 weeks was seriously the most boring weeks ever! All I do was, drive to work, sit, wait for lunch, sit, wait for the time to go back, drive home and sit again. Yeah, that was I do... almost everyday for the past 2 weeks.

And guess how long my bi-weekly report was? 3 pages, dude! Yeah... 2 weeks of nothing-ness and 3 pages of crap! Even the first bi-weekly report has only 2 pages and that week was the most hectic week EVER! *I just type some similar, I'm repeating =.="*.

I even asked Ms Clare if that's the correct way to write the report, because I wrote it as if I'm writing my blog. Expressing feelings and stuff like that. Let me print screen one part and let you guys have a look.

Putting my free time to good use huh? LOL! Limit my creativity and knowledge! LOL!
Yeah! Tell me about it!
*I don't mean literally, seriously. One of my friend took it literally and TOLD-ME-ABOUT-IT! No offence, but there's another meaning!*

But hey, I'm really putting my free time to good use. As least I'm not wasting my time or anything, right? Yeah, my previous post is just something I did for just a few hours and it doesn't make any sense... So, yesterday I spent some time creating an intro for my blog. I know my blog is OLD! but it's just a thought. I don't know what to do anymore and I really want to try out a lot of stuff in After Effects. The 25-second animation *which was later prolonged to 45-second by slowing down the speed to give a better enviromental feel* took me almost a day to finish. Because I was a noob. :( I don't know anything about editing, anything about files, anything about AE and got stuck there for some unknown reason! *cries*

I just finished everything from the VFX to the SFX and oh yeah, my Windows Movie Maker died on me, now I can't compress my god damn 200MB-25-seconds-file. I'm using some other alternative in Premiere Pro! I don't think it can be fixed unless I reformat my computer? Oh god! I'm lazy to reformat my computer and I was kinda pissed of with After Effects today because everytime I want to render my animation, it stopped responding. *Pissed off* Probably I'll just dual-boot to XP and work there. Maybe, soon...

So, I'll just end my blog with my intro to the blog.
*Woah, who ends with an intro? Doesn't intro always come first?*
Hahaha, and the person is me! Hey, do comment, ya?
Your constructive comments are much appreciated.

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CY said...

Nice after effects work! Damn dramatic feel haha.

Faster repair your Adobe la it's going crazy on youuuu